EA To Continue With New IPs

It’s quite unanimous here at TSA that EA have become the driving force behind quality new titles, many of which unfortunately undersold. Bringing the varying thrills from both Dead Space and Mirrors Edge last year, it seems that EA are determined to continue bringing new and interesting titles to our consoles.

EA Games President, Frank Gibeau, said that over the next three years we could see as many as nine new IPs released from EA. “It’s hard to forecast, but I think we’re probably looking at two to three new IPs a year,” the exec said. “We’re looking at a three-year SKU plan right now. Between EAP and our internal studios, both of which are in our group, I can safely say it’s at least two to three new IPs.”


Gibeau mentioned about the difficulties and mistakes that the company made with launching so many new properties at the same time last year. “I think we launched too many new IPs all at once in Q3,” he said. “I would have spread them out and found better windows for them. I would have had longer marketing for them. The marketing cycles were fairly short.”

“But to be honest with you, we didn’t have a lot of sequel product laying around. So, it was a strategy that we had to embark on, which was to, you know, reload with intellectual properties.” I have personally been extremely impressed with EA’s recent attitude towards creating new and interesting games and long may it continue.

Source: Gamasutra