Naughty Dog Live Chat

Naughty Dog, arguably one of Sony’s hottest properties, have been proving their worth and then some.  Quite rightfully scooping up Game of the Show, Uncharted 2 to is firmly up there on the TSA’s ‘games I’d lose a valuable appendage to play now’ list.

Despite the fact that the guys over at ND must be working round the clock, they’ve found the time to grace the US PlayStation Blog with their presence in another live chat.  I’m sure there are many of you who would like to know more about what kind of ridiculous situations ND’s going to be putting Mr Drake through this time so I suggest having a quick break from the fantastic Warhawk meet and pointing your browser this way.


Creative Director Amy Hennig and Game Director Bruce Straley will be fending off offers of limbs and answering questions from 2PM Pacific time which I think is 10PM.  I bloody hate time conversion so if I’m wrong feel free to shoot me in the face tonight.  On Warhawk that is.