PS2 Emulation Already Up And Running?

Is your PlayStation 3 running firmware greater than 2.10?  Chances are it is, but did you know that apparently it’s then already capable of running PS2 games then?  “PS3 is capable of running PS2 games with 100 % software emulation but the performance and compatibility is really poor,” suggests a poster on GAF*, who alleges that the emulator is present in every PS3 on the market but is currently deactivated. The thread then goes on to suggest that the current PS3 firmware has some “interesting” files on it, which are presumably linked to his statement above.

This follows our news this morning that Sony have applied for a patent for a purely software-based solution to the PS2 emulation issue and ties in nicely with the job advert from last January for a software engineer at Sony Japan to work on exactly this.  TheSixthAxis has also learnt this lunchtime that the bottleneck isn’t the Emotion Engine, which is already up and running, it’s the Graphics Synthesizer that’s causing the headaches.  If Sony can crack this, then surely that would open the gates to downloadable PS2 games over the Store, as we suggested this morning.

* Quote amended for grammar.

Please note that this is rumoured information only and does not constitute official Sony information.