Sony Expand Official Licensing Program

It’s another one of those things. A press release thing. And it’s from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), which means it can be neatly summed up as: All your money are belong to us. Which, in the current economic climate, isn’t actually that much given that I’m shopping at Aldi these days, and any money left over after that is being spent on phone calls to Channel 4 in the hope of voting out Sree from Big Brother. I’ve been ringing every week since it started, even when he’s not been nom’d.

But, SCE are after more cash; here’s how. They are expanding their “Official Licensing Program” for PlayStation Peripherals and Accessories. Seemingly, this will enhance the “…peripheral and accessory line-ups…” and therefore offer a “…richer PlayStation experience.” However, I’m not sure they’ve factored in the current inability of most of the world to get any richer in order to partake in this experience.


Not that it will matter, because as we all know Sony’s customers are a breed apart, being able as they are to moan and bitch about costs and, at the same time, buy everything Sony offers up to them thus sending a message to Sony HQ best summed up by an old gameshow; The Price is Right. Enough tittle-tattle, on with the news.

By entering into a license agreement with SCE, peripheral manufacturers will gain access to technical docs that will help them design and build products for PlayStation platforms. The good bit, the really, really good bit, is that SCE will also provide an “Official Licensed Product logo” for product packaging. And thus, peripheral prices are raised by a tenner by the simple addition of a JPEG. Genius.

More details can be found here, but be careful because I think you may need an Officially Licensed Browser in order to access the site.