BioWare Hearts PS3

In what can only be described as a whole big bucketful of awesomeness BioWare’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk M.D. (he can make games and save lives) has announced that the development studio is pretty excited to be working for the PlayStation 3 platform.

The new game from the RPG-specialists is called Dragon Age: Origins and whilst it has been announced for a while now this is the first time I’ve noticed one of the “BioWare doctors” talking so positively about the PS3. This on top of earlier developments when they hinted at the Mass Effect universe being a possibility for the PS3 (that game is awesome).


So with Valve and now BioWare seeming to warm to Sony’s brand are we reaching a point where developers need to put their games out on both HD consoles to maximise their income? I would like to put forward the theory that EA’s involvement with each of these companies might have something to do with it too.

Source: TheVideoGamer