The TSA Way

Well, yesterday was a huge day in TSA history. This traditionally PS3 fansite is now expanding, however I feel that many readers may have misinterpreted the move or perhaps just reacted out of shock from what was a massive announcement. It’s not far off of a year (eight days to be precise) since I first visited TSA and oh my, how things have changed – for one, I’m now staff. Six months on from becoming a part of this amazing writing team, I have seen the site grow and evolve, experiencing many face lifts, a variety of excellent additions along with the shear size of the site and the community continue to expand. All the staff enjoy writing for the site, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be doing it anymore; however it is the community that keeps surprising me the most. It is what attracted me to TSA and it is what has kept me here for an amazing 12 months so far – and long let it continue.

Going multi-platform is a misrepresentation of what TSA is trying to do here. I think that our Community Mananger Liam put it best, “TSA is a lawn with the turf currently soley PS3.  We are just sprinkling a few 360 grass seeds on said turf and wait to see what grows.” For all you PS3 lovers, things will stay pretty much the same for you. The quality and quantity of PS3 news will not drop and probably continue to get better as it always has. If you do not wish to hear anything we have to say about the 360, then simply filter it out. Alex and his sublime coding genius means that it’s as easy as pie. We already have some non-PS3 users amongst our ranks and I expect this to grow over time, but do not fear, fanboys are not welcome here.

Many of you have expressed fears at the site becoming overrun with fanboys because of the coverage of more than just a solitary console. Whilst I perfectly understand your worries, as it was originally one I shared, I think some of you may be missing what makes this site so great. Yes, we have a fantastically moral and genuine team of writers, but it is you, the readers, the community who make this site the gaming haven that it is. Without you all, we may as well be writing our news on the wall outside the pub and hoping some drunk passer-by takes the time to read it before pissing up the wall.

Fanboys are present on both side of the high-def console wall, it is not exclusive to either set. I read some of you expressing fears that becoming multi-platform (which is not technically what TSA is doing just yet) would promote console wars. Why though? Just because there would be people from both sides? I would like to think that the TSA community is so strong because we are a group of people who, whilst perhaps favouring the Japanese side of the two consoles, are mature gamers. We do not wish to sink into battles of insults with idiotic and agressive fanboys; we love games, simple as. Whilst TSA may use a bit of Alex’s magic to keep out the really idiotic fanboys, it is the community that will not stand for fanboyism. Many a time have I seen other TSA’ers state to newcomers and TSA-veterans alike, that whether it be fanboyism, racism, homophobia, whatever it may be, that it will not be tolerated. We stand united, to protect our most sacred Internet paradise.

Surely there must be users who solely own Microsoft’s pale stallion – one of them is even a member of our staff now – who wish to find a gaming site free of fanboyish behaviour. Somewhere they can go to just enjoy gaming, the hobby they enjoy so passionately, without having to get aggravated or frustrated because of a bunch of trolls. These are the people we want at TSA, they are the ones that will be welcomed into the comforting bosom of our community.

I am extremely excited about the growth and ambition shown by TSA; the commitment to bringing you quality articles week after week, providing TSA points for the community and now with the newly released TSA Points Store, a way to reward our community further. So after all my rambling, to simply sum up; thank you for being the community of our wonderful site.