God of War Gets a Comic

Two days ago, we told you that there was a God of War movie in the works. Yesterday, we told you there was a God of War novel in the works. Today, we can tell you that there is a God of War comic in the works. Yep, Kratos really is getting himself around nowadays.

In an interview with IGN, writer Marv Wolfman revealed that unlike the movie and novel which will simply retell the (excellent) story of the first game, the comics will be completely original. However, unlike some expanded universe comics, these will not simply be used to tell you the story of a one-line-background-character from the PSP game but will instead flesh out Kratos’ story and character. The writers are “making sure everything works to keep the greater mythology consistent while introducing readers to many brand new ideas.” They want the comics to feel integral and not just be something for the side.


DC will be publishing the comics which will come as a six-issue mini-series running from October until the release of the third game and novel in March. The actual story will contain two timelines; one between the first and second games, and another spanning the life of Kratos aged 7 till 30. The main plot will follow the reaction to the first game’s events and will make a point of exploring the Barbarian King, the man who pushed Kratos into that allegiance in the first place. Not only this, but throughout the series we will see him seek a way to rid himself of his nightmares and also embark on a mission to save his daughter as the timelines switch around in a flashback style, “events in the past completely inform the present day story.”

Usually, I keep clear of all expanded universe but even I have to admit that this sounds good. As the bonus features on the first game’s disk have shown us, there’s a lot that can be covered in Kratos’ world and if these comics are a success, the untouched set-ups could get the full work ups they deserve.

Now, who’s taking bets on a radio drama for tomorrow?