Valkyria Chronicles Moves To PSP

We loved the original Valkyria Chronicles, it was one of the PS3 exclusives of last year for us. “It’s all numbers, of course, but dressed up in gorgeous visuals and oodles of charm and individuality,” we said in our review.  “For PS3 owners wanting to get their hands on a massive, sprawling adventure with some brilliantly devised battles, Valkyria Chronicles should be considered an absolute must buy: the game has more depth than the rest of the PS3’s library put together and was clearly a labour of love for the developers.”

So, it was with a huge smile that we saw the scans from this week’s Famitsu – the sequel, simply called Valkyria Chronicles 2, looks to retain the same stylings, and be another SRPG.  Details are thin on the ground and translations are sketchy just now, but expect cameos from Skies’ Vyse and Aika and a broader leveling up system where you can put EXP into all your troups at once, rather than micro-managing them individually.  We’ll try and get more information on this today and if we do we’ll update this post – exciting news though, I’m a big fan of the original.


Via GAF.