VidZone Built In Flash

Sony has confirmed that it was a collaboration between them and Scaleform, a Flash-based framework, that ensured that the development process of the PS3’s VidZone software was so smooth, with both the Vidzone team and Sony praising the SDK. “Scaleform GFx really impressed us with its flexibility and performance; it enabled the production team to rapidly iterate on the VidZone interface without having to create custom code,” said Michael Russo, CTO of VidZone.

“The user interface work was completed using Scaleform and Adobe® Flash by only two Flash developers working with a small team of C++ programmers. Those teams were able to work independently of each other, which saved time and helped optimise resources.” Brendan Iribe, president and CEO of Scaleform, said they “are thrilled that Scaleform GFx was chosen to build the UI framework for the VidZone application. This demonstrates how Scaleform is a great solution not only for game UIs but also for game-related services and application development.”


Thanks, Develop Magazine.