Vidzone Launches The Christmas Zone

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

Vidzone Goes Ad Free For New Year’s Eve

Party rockin’ in tha house tonight.

500m VidZone Video Views

But we’ve viewed many more adverts than that.

Vidzone’s Big Update

Improvements and huge catalogue updates.

VidZone TV Launching Today (Update)

More music choice on the way.

Vidzone Biggest Music Streaming App Ever

“We’re going to be bigger than the Beatles.”

Spotify Coming To Consoles?

More music for free, then.

VidZone: New Countries Dated

11 countries and 3 dates.

Vidzone Will Remain PS3 Focused

I wonder if they have ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe…Yes! Good times.

VidZone Update Now Live

Version 1.04 vastly improves everyone’s favourite music video service.

Vidzone Considering Premium?

Got Vidzone, but don’t like the ads – A solution may be on the way.

VidZone: 11 More Countries

Q4 2009 will see VidZone widely available across Europe (and New Zealand).

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