Spotify Coming To Consoles?

According to Baxy-Z, Spotify is heading the way of the console. “Since Spotify has really propelled into the industry and successfully launched on all sorts of platforms, I thought it’d be best to let you know that we have something in the works for the next gen consoles”, said a tipster, apparently from Spotify, to the blog. “We’ve been working on it for some time now and we can’t wait to reveal it to you guys!”

There’s no word on whether or not the service will be the free version, which is heavily peppered with unskippable adverts, or the subscription based version which, for just a tenner a month, is actually pretty awesome.  Currently Xbox 360 owners have access to the new Last.FM music streaming service, but Spotify gives you complete albums rather than just ‘related’ tracks, but really warrants the £10 to get the most out of it.

On a similar note, Vidzone had problems this weekend – I’m still getting an advert after every song or two, which is ridiculous, but the adverts weren’t streaming so after each track I had to quit Vidzone and then reload.  The ‘free’ video streaming application on the PS3 is a great idea, but it’s been criticised regularly around these parts for frequent bugs and poor start up speeds.

Let’s hope the news of Spotify gives the Vidzone guys a kick start.