Vidzone Biggest Music Streaming App Ever

PS3 favourite Vidzone has cracked over 2 million downloads and streamed over 200,000,000 videos. That’s a lot of zeros although I will admit quite a few of those ‘0’s are me having Cascadas’ “Evacuate The Dancefloor” on continuous loop for days. Stop tutting, if you deconstruct the track it is a genius piece of writing and ticks every single box that’s needed for a number one hit, it’s superbly clever and that’s my reason for liking it.

The Vidzone team announced the news that it is officially the biggest music streaming app in the world via the Euro PS3 blog and also suggested that more Metal content is coming to the video service. Louisa Jackson, who heads ups Vidzone for PS3, comments there are “lots of surprises in stall 2010”. Whether she means there are “lots of surprises in store for 2010” or “Install Vidzone V20.10 for surprises” is unclear – I’m guessing it’s the former.


Pop Quiz: Major kudos anyone who can tell me which one hit wonders uttered the quote “We’re going to be bigger than the Beatles” before vanishing without trace, and even bigger kudos if you can name which track their one hit ripped off wholesale.