PS3 Gets First Pay-To-Play Game

We liked Trash Panic, but we didn’t know Sony liked it enough to give it another chance.  On the Japanese PSN Store today the game, which is called Gomi Bako in its native country, has been re-released as a pay-to-play game: for ¥100 you get 3 lives, and unlike the ‘full’ PSN game, you can unlock Home Rewards.

100 Yen is roughly 69p, which gives you an idea of the cost.  Whilst I’m all for new ideas, this one makes me feel a little uneasy – I’d rather pay more up front and keep the game free, and yes in this case that’s entirely possible but if Sony go down this route for other games in the future they’d be on groundbreaking territory.

Still, it’s probably more effective than a demo, especially with the Home Rewards.  There are no Trophies for this version of the game.

Thanks, Kassatsu.