PSEye Already Has Natal Features

Well, when Microsoft showed Natal at E3 I was a little bit sceptical and I pulled apart the demonstration and the tech right here for you to see. Initially the response from the massive majority of the gaming press was hugely positive but in the weeks following the initial demonstration other games journalists have seemed to cool to the idea, citing all the reasons we pointed out in the days following the demo for reasons why Natal might not be the massive leap in technology they had proclaimed it to be.

Apparently Sony have now realised that the product they’ve had on shelves for years is capable of almost all the things Microsoft wanted us to think they’d pioneered with Natal. Surprisingly they’re also talking about it.


Kish Hirani (Head of Developer Relations) has told Develop that they’re working on facial recognition and hints at other resources being made available to developers stating that they’ve “got a wealth of libraries available… it’s a lot of fun in the office”.

Apparently the already-developed tech can detect the nose, eyes and mouth and deduce the age and gender of the user. It even knows if you’re wearing glasses. So that’s your face and the things you hang from it then. I think the most interesting element of this story is that fact that finally, someone inside Sony seems willing to talk about the amazing tech they’ve been sitting on for years.

Source: Develop Thanks, jimmy-google