New Natal Footage

Wave at Natal.

Natal Retail Unit Revealed

D8 or E3? It’s all the same to us.

NATAL To Cost $149 – EDGE

Milo to hammer your wallet this October.

Kung-Fu Live: PSEye Does Natal?

Full body motion tracking for PS3

NATAL Guesses Player’s Movement

Stop hiding behind the couch!

MS Ban Video At Natal Showcase

Got something to hide Microsoft?

Natal Supports Your Team

It’s that clever, it knows you like Spurs.

Cage: Microsoft Lied About NATAL

Heavy Rain creator calls MS out over demo.

Natal 2 In Development

Researchers already thinking about V 2.00

Developer: Move Is Better Than Natal

Some prefer something to hold on to.

Suda-51 To Create New Motion Control IP

Not No More Heroes but something else.