Suda-51 To Create New Motion Control IP

Suda-51, a.k.a. Goichi Suda is the Grasshopper Manufacture CEO, the team behind Wii game ‘No More Heroes’. As you may know, ‘No More Heroes’ is heading to PS3 and Xbox, with a spiffy HD upgrade but with the loss of motion control; something which has perplexed us as it’s an obvious shoe-in for Not-Arc and Not-Natal.

Instead, Suda-51 has revealed to Gamespot that he is “very interested” in Not-Arc and Not-Natal but he “will make some original IP to fit that control system.” He also hinted that he will have something to show at this year’s Tokyo Games Show.


Suda-51 also expressed admiration for ‘Heavy Rain’ saying he would like to make a similar game but felt that with the ‘current generation’ of Japanese developers it may prove to be tricky.