TC’s Massive Poll Results: Week 5

Warning : Contains excessive smutty Dale Winton.

Arc’s Nunchuck “Confirmed”

Well, there you go.

Suda-51 To Create New Motion Control IP

Not No More Heroes but something else.

Sony Trademark “Arc”

Controller name seems likely.

TC’s Massive Poll: Name That Controller

(Update) Arc? Gem? Stick? What should it be called?

Arc Is Not Called Arc

According to the OPSM podcast..

Disney Calls Arc “Gem”

The Motion Control roundabout does another lap.

Rumour: Arc Gets Nunchuck

(Update) Just in time for GDC, then.

Arc To Get GDC Unveiling

Wiggle it, just a little bit.

TC’s Massive Poll: Week One Results

What does TSA think of Motion Control? Find out..

Arc Is An Amazing Device – High Voltage

The Grinder confirmed for PS3. And with waggle?

TC’s Massive Poll: Motion Control

Ladies and Gentlemen, place your votes…

Motion Controlled Spine Ripping?

Well that’s something you won’t see on Wii Sports.

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