Rumour: Killzone 2 To Get Arc Patch

Word around the Helghan campfire this morning and drifting over the embers to TSA Towers is that Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 2, probably the PlayStation 3’s finest first person shooter, might get a patch to enable Arc support – along with several other first party titles.

The patch, which will presumably enable full motion control for aiming and shooting in the game, is part of a series of updates being undertaken by Sony in a bid to ensure the fancy pink wand has some AAA titles to back up its launch, something our survey found essential.


TheSixthAxis understands that whilst Killzone 3 is almost certainly currently in development, work on tweaking existing titles is very much part of the Arc strategy.  Let’s hope we hear confirmation of this rumour as Sony start to ramp up their motion controller coverage during the year.

We spoke to Sony about this before going to press, but they wouldn’t give us anything other than “we don’t comment on rumour and speculation.”