David Goldfarb On How Killzone 3 Became Killzone 2

Interesting. An interview with PayDay 2 developer David Goldfarb might have uncovered a seemingly hidden nugget regarding the Killzone games: that Killzone 3, the last PS3 release in the series was originally going to be Killzone 2. So where does that leave Killzone 2?


And where did that game go?

The interview’s here [via] – and whilst Goldfarb now has nothing to do with the Killzone games, he did work on them back in the day.

He talks (briefly) about that infamous E3 trailer (posted above) but also states that he worked on Killzone 3 which then ended up being Killzone 2. That suggests that whilst Killzone 3 was aiming at PS3, perhaps there was a Killzone 2 in development for PS2 which was canned.

Maybe they were even working on them at the same time.

The most likely scenario is Killzone 2 (then) might have been a portable title, one that eventually ended up being binned or translated wholesale to the PSP.

Chances are we’ll never know.



  1. I don’t think I understand.

  2. Killzone Liberation then? That story set up Killzone 2 so makes sense.

  3. Someone please just put this in the dumbest English for me. I don’t get it so Killzone 3 was meant to be K2 & K2 was possible going to be a psp title or are you saying K2 would have been a ps2 title while K3 would remain K3 but for ps3 lol

    • Killzone 2 was either going to be a PS2 or PSP title but ended up on PS3, either through renaming the PSP game to Liberation or by scrapping the PS2 version.

      This guy worked on what he thought was Killzone 3, but was later rename 2.

  4. Hmm, took me a while to understand but I think i’ve got it now. Pretty interesting.

  5. all I care about is that they change the MP back to Killzone 2, which originally, would have been Killzone 3 lol

  6. Just watched the E3 trailer and finding it interesting how that trailer was held up as being THE target to aim for and how everyone was blown away by it (before we all figured it was pre-rendered). It’s 8 years old now and looks quite dated already. Gosh, I’m getting old and time is passing me by. My son is 8 years old. Ha, to think, he wouldn’t even know what PS2 was let alone appreciate how ground breaking this trailer was. [ramble over]

  7. so…no one knows the relevance of unclear suppositions.

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