killzone 2

David Goldfarb On How Killzone 3 Became Killzone 2

Was Killzone 2 originally going to be a PlayStation 2 game?

Is Killzone 2 Stopping Stat Tracking?

Just a glitch or an end to leader boards?

Honey, I’m Home!

A year without online play.

Killzone 2 Wins Ivor Novello Award

“Dun da da dun, da da da dun dun dun”…

Crysis 2 Surpasses Killzone 2 – Morgan

Author on track to bash every game created.

Killzone 2 To Support 3D

Taking on a new dimension.

Killzone 2 In Code Giveaway

DLC voucher codes up for grabs.

UK’s Best Selling Video Games Of 2009

Call of Duty at number 1! Who’d have guessed?

Sunday Thoughts: Killzowned

Nofi vs ColinBarr66. More man-on-mouse than man-on-man.

TSA Meets: Incoming

Community powered online gaming at its finest.

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