Sunday Thoughts: Killzowned

This week saw the first round of games in our fantastic Killzone 2 Man-On-Man competition, with arguably some of the best Killzone 2 players in the world competing in a series of one on one face-offs.  I originally entered thinking most of the ‘hardcore’ Killzone 2 players would be busy taking part in massive team events, or eating bricks or something, but no, it appears Colin’s wicked idea has attracted some brilliant players from around the internet (and, of course, from our very own arse-kicking clan).

So, there was me, thrown in amongst the lions, giggling nervously about who I’d get in the first round: Colin himself, it transpires – the leader of our own clan and, I’d soon discover, a crack shot with a rifle.  It was ignorance on my behalf, of course, to consider the fact that I’d be going up against Michael (with whom I share a similar skill level on Helghan) or a three year old child, but in the spirit of sportsmanship I packed up my PS3 and shipped it off to a mate’s to borrow his internet connection.

Bang on 7 last night I was ready.  I’d played Killzone 2 online maybe 2 or 3 times back when it launched, and had a quick go against a bot earlier in the week just so I wasn’t completely ignorant to the map, or the rules.  I realised that Colin probably had every perk in the book and knew the twisting corridors of the level off by heart, but I can still play FPSs to some degree so thought I stood a little bit of a chance against Colin despite the obvious gulf in abilities and practice.  How wrong I was, I found out.

It’s not even as if I could see him coming – no matter where I was, he was there already, behind a corner (or behind me completely) and I couldn’t even dodge because he didn’t even miss and leave a bullet trail to avoid – Colin’s an evil shot, and I’d repeatedly fall victim to whatever arsenal he thought appropriate to dispatch me with in every mode.  I did manage to flail myself around enough to bag a couple of the propaganda radios in a mid-match round, but when it got to 5-0 I’d conceeded defeat.

So, with me out of the way, I’m assuming everyone else in the competition is at least at some kind of skill level where you wouldn’t be embarassed by the scoreline, and Colin’s already putting together tomorrow’s fixture list so we’ll see who’s up against who.  I will re-iterate that we’ve got one hell of a prize for the winner lined up which we think the winner will be absolutely over the moon at, which we’ll possibly post up tomorrow but yeah – I was never going to win this one against 99% of the people here, eh?

There’s only so many games a gamer can be good at, and it’s clear that I’m not good enough at Killzone 2 to compete at this kind of level, and it’s this reason that I don’t play many games like this online.  Even when the game first came out I was hopelessly underskilled, and the very nature of my gaming time (play a game enough to review it, and then move on) means that I can’t really dedicate evenings like most of you guys do to becoming superhuman with an assault rifle.  Do I regret that?  A little, yeah.

So this is a call to everyone that uses our TSA Meets feature – get some other stuff up there apart from bloody Killzone!  I know there’s a big Burnout meet tonight that’s already oversubscribed by some amount so I know racing games are popular too – drop a few more in there (TSA Meets are free to set up and dead easy, too) and I’ll come online for more humiliation, but I’m guessing last night’s dip into the ‘zone should very probably be my last.  Hats off to our clan, though, you guys rock.