Is Killzone 2 Stopping Stat Tracking?

Killzone 3 is just around the corner, waiting to jump out and empty a shotgun shell into our unsuspecting chests. Obviously we’re all getting quite excited for it and for most of us the anticipation of a new instalment in the FPS series is the most important event looming over our gaming horizons.

With the release of the third game so imminent, there will be some people trying to tidy up their achievements with Killzone 2 and perhaps gather those last few trophies they needed for the platinum.Unfortunately, we’re hearing reports that this is proving to be more difficult than expected.


It would appear that Guerilla Games have issues with the live leader boards and ranking systems. We’re hearing that, as of Monday evening, player’s stats are not updating, ranks are frozen and the dynamic online boards have stopped updating. This will make those last few multiplayer trophies impossible to achieve.

It’s important to stress that, while there are numerous reports of this around the internet, we haven’t heard anything as yet from Guerilla Games or Sony on the matter. So, this might just be a temporary glitch that will be rectified in due course. If it is the end of Killzone 2’s online stat tracking we would be very surprised because there hasn’t been an announcement as would be normal in these kind of circumstances.

As with any major game’s release, we’re sure that everyone at Guerilla Games is currently working hard to have everything ready for the launch and we would hope that the apparent lack of response to the forum threads raising this issue is merely an indication of how busy they all are at this time.

We’re keen to hear in the comments if anyone has suffered from these issues and what effect it will have on your plans to finish up Killzone 2 before the sequel arrives. We’re also keen to hear from anyone involved with the franchise who can shed some light on this potentially distressing issue.

Thanks, Jonathan Perez



  1. Why did I sell KZ2!… gahh!!!

  2. If the stat tracking has ended, I hope they give us some alternative way of getting those trophies. This is my main problem with multiplayer trophies. No matter how popular a game is, the servers will likely eventually go down, making the Platinum impossible to get.

    • Same, if they do stop it, then thats 1 game i will never Platinum and i think that is very harsh. They should just give them us or a patch to do something else.

      • MP trophies should be DLC free or paid imo.

      • Or they should be ridiculously easy, as a means of introducing you to the online, such as:
        “Get 10 kills” or “Win 3 games”
        Complicated ones or some that take months of playing are ambitn

  3. That sounds a lot like the issues Bad company 2 had a month ago

  4. You would think at least someone could respond, even briefly. I have a feeling many fans may revert back to KZ2 once they find out just how mental the extreme changes are to the online play. Maybe they will listen then.

  5. Got pretty tired of Killzone 2 a couple of months after I bought it, and still have it in my collection only because it is a Collector’s Edition.

    Well, I don’t think they should close up the stat tracking. I would think plenty of gamers are still playing Killzone 2, and how hard can it be to track your stats? It doesn’t matter much to me, but for those who still want to play it, both now and in the future, it’s a pity.

    • Agree, I always dip into kz2 now and then for a blast, plenty of full lobbies around with plenty of people active on the servers.

  6. dam i hope thats not the case i am off work for a week when kz3 launches and i was gonna hit kz2 hard to try get in top 1% for the rest of the trophys i need

  7. This is why online trophies are a bad idea. In my opinion online trophies take fun away from achieving them unlike the ones that are offline. If the servers shut down then they are impossible to get and essentially taking part of the game away that I paid for (with time I can see why they take servers off). Online trophies are a big no no in my book.

  8. I think they should issue a patch that gives everyone the online trophies after a set amount of time…i’m rubbish…and particultly if they at some point drop online support.

  9. That’s never a good thing as some people are still likely trying to accomplish some of the stuff. I don’t think they should just give out the trophies though as then that just effectively means i could have just not put the effort in before and still got them.

  10. Well, since top of leaderboards always consist of cheaters, glitchers and nerds who have no life I’m actually glad.

    • Pretty generalised comment there…me and quite a few TSAN clan members are up there in the leaderboards (not the very top but in the top 5%ish). Some of those at the very top do cheat but to say always is completely unevidenced and wrong :)

      • we are even further than top 5% and we are renowned by themselves and award winning for our fair play attitude.

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