TC’s Massive Poll: Week One Results

Voting has closed, the results are in and it is time to find out who will be in the Dancing On Ice skate off! No hang on that’s wrong, I mean it’s time to find out the results of my Massive Poll!

Gaming crystal ball gazers (aka Market Analysts) predicted a 56% of all Xbox users would buy Natal, does the poll reflect this? Well only 16% of you said that no matter what you would be a launch day buyer with our very own ‘Nofi’commenting “I’m in, day one. No idea why.”

21.2% of voters would be buying in to motion control at some point, ‘Dexter17’ summing up your thoughts, “I highly doubt that I will end up picking this up on launch day, but am pretty sure that I will end up buying it sometime in the future.” Those two percentages give us a total of 37.2% of console owners who would definitely be waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care, 19% less than the analysts predicted.

The rest of you are much more cautious and the majority of voters, 38.5%, said they would wait to see if Microsoft or Sony could release a  killer game, a system seller for motion control. TSA’er ‘Hazelam’ said “They’d need a bloody good game to get me to buy one, something like Oblivion but with direct control of your sword.”

10.1% of respondents voted with their wallets and their entryto the world of hand waving would depend on the pricing of Natal and Arc. TSA’er ‘Cam The Man’ said “If it’s more than £50 – £60 it will put a lot of people off.”

The final 14.1% of you are just not interested in dancing like a mentalist just to control a game, Double O Dave telling us “I clicked not interested, I generally go my PS3 after I’ve been at work all day and want to relax or on a Saturday/Sunday day time when I’m usually hung over so the last thing I wanna be doing is jumping around playing tennis.”

Many of you commented that you do not want shovelware and ‘party’ games and it’s clear Microsoft and Sony are going to have to create a blockbuster motion controlled game to get you onboard.

Thank you to everyone who voted, over 400 of you clicked which is pretty impressive. Look out for the next Massive Poll this coming Tuesday when once again you can tell the world what your really think about a hot topic