Massive Poll Results: Zombies

‘To zombie, or not to zombie, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows to the knee of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of the undead.’ Clever chap that Shakespeare, accurately foretelling that TSA would run a poll to decide once and for all if we bored of zombies as they are shuffling in to almost every game these days.

Once again you voted with your mouse buttons and we have a definite answer, game designers of the world take note as the community of The Sixth Axis have decided, in absolute certainty, that…


..we can’t decide.

This was the closest poll to date, with 52% of you being in favour of a continued zombie invasion and 48% of you wanting less of the undead.

Perhaps the voting was swayed by comment from ‘the official spokesman for the Zombies Are Human League’, John Malcolm, who described zombies as peace loving individuals who are ‘likely to be visiting our local Zombie Drop-in Centre to discuss methods of re-attaching limbs and what’s the best way to get blood off your teeth.’

I shall leave you with the U.K. chart hit ‘Zombie’, not the Cranberries version but a cover by A.D.A.M. featuring Amy which reached No.16 in 1995. With a busty woman in a car wash and various zombie types cropping up in the video I’m guessing A.D.A.M. was unaware that the song was about the troubles in Northern Ireland at the time,  in particular the killing of two children in an IRA bombing in Warrington.

Still – zombies licking each other in a car wash – phwoar, eh?



  1. Zombies are the new space marines.

  2. Wow close call. While I agree with the 52%, i wish that more Zombie modes are included into games (eg Blops) rather than zombie based story lines.

    • I disagree, i hated the zombie modes in CoD games, i found them too repetitive, i much prefer campaigns, having a real goal of doing something or getting somewhere, i don’t like the idea of just running around a tiny maze just shooting at things.
      Zombie games should be more about surviving than killing masses of zombies, and have more depth to them.
      Really interested in the new PS title, yet i only have a 360 at the moment, i may have to get one to play that.

  3. We need a zombie game with a “human mode”. mix it up or something.

    • haha now that would be a game i would buy =)
      i think that when the marsians play games they have an “earthlings” mode :P

      • Nah, they just play ‘Kill All Humans!’ all the time. :)

    • Your goal would be to rush the humans before receiving a shotgun to the face. Brilliant! :D

  4. zombies suck……braaaaaaaaains

  5. More original content plz, :c

    • i agree with my fellow Crocodile-based lifeform.

    • They need more brains, croc

  6. It would make for an interesting game if Zombies, for a change, retained their humanity, and you have to seek out a cure, avoid death squads and the such.

    • With you playing as a zombie looking for a cure, or as a human desperately trying to save the human race?

      • Which is kinda of the thing Amy kis doing on PSN tomorrow.

  7. I just don’t see the point anymore. Unfortunately as much as I now hate the COD franchise, Treyarch hit the best Zombie mode for a game. Dead Island I think will be the last good Zombie game as it made more or an effort in revolutionising combat. I think Infamous FOB made the right move going for Vampires. Bring me more Dracula! :L

    • Yeas! A decent vampire game would be awesome!

    • Loved the Legacy of Kain franchise and hope something like it is ever made.. Wee eh the voice acting, characters, worlds history and story…. Amazing there’s nothing like it these times IMO

      Surely one of many that makes vampires so cool

  8. The problem is that traditional zombies are more an annoyance than a menace and the fast ‘zombies’ some games use are barely zombies and more angry hobos. Dead Space at least seem to do well with undead menace.

  9. I have just been informed of the result of this poll and, to be frank, I am disappointed. We at the League will not be taking action at this outcome, being a peaceful organisation, but I suspect that a few Loose Cannons will be making their feelings known.

    So, if you hear a strange groan outside your window late at night, or blood on the path outside your house (or even in it) which you hadn’t put there, or maybe the occasional decapitated limb through your letterbox (well, more than usual), then start worrying. We understand the need for free speech, and the right for all humans (alive and undead) to have this, but this also works in reverse. This is not a threat, as I guarantee that any member of the League will not be carrying out physical protest (preferring the letters page of The Times or TheSixthAxis), but if one of the undead wishes to express his or her opinion in a more discriptive way then we may well stand idly by.

    This is not over. We have a team of programmers developing more zombie-friendly games, and will be releasing them on most platforms over the next few months (subject to funding). Games such as Zombie Friends Save The World, Katherine The Zombie, Little Big Zombie and the one I am most looking forward to, Zombie Singalong; join in the groaning and moaning by holding the specially supplied forearm microphone and making indecipherable sounds into it; maybe even lurch along to your favourite dance tracks. Yes, the future’s bright, the future’s zombie!

  10. Can’t remember what was the last game I played with zombies in, it was a long time ago.

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