Dead Island: Riptide Preview

A severe weather and zombie warning is in effect for your area.

Massive Poll Results: Zombies

It’s the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen.

Massive Poll: Zombies

To zombie or not to zombie.

Zombies: Why Won’t They Die?

More Zombies than you can shake a blunt object at.

Zombies Confirmed For Black Ops

Plus a “nice surprise”.

Nazi Zombies Listed In Black Ops

Guide suggests the undead will return.

Zombieland Blu-Ray Bonus Theme

Hidden extra on the disc..

Zombie MMO Shuffling Our Way?

Undead Labs are working on a console-based zombie MMO.

Zombies – Coming Soon To TSA…

A TSA Video World Exclusive…

Zombies: Fast or Slow?

Fasties are at least 6.7 times more terrifying than slowies.

News Snatch: Goblins & Zombies

Guess who is the star of todays “And Finally..” is? Go on.. bet you can’t guess.

Sunday Thoughts: 26/07/09

Lets talk about zombies – and no we don’t mean fanboys again