Sunday Thoughts: 26/07/09

Zombies! Your girlfriends more than likely cringe at the thought of the foul things limping around on rotten limbs and chasing live beings to munch upon their victims “bbrrrraaaaains”.

Today I am giving you a much less serious subject to think about then last weeks, though fanboys and zombies are very similar I suppose. But today’s Sunday Thought is perhaps one of the most common questions asked by anyone having just watched “Dawn of The Dead”. The film is about a group of normal people surviving against hordes of dead (but reanimated) flesh eating homo-sapiens whilst stranded in an American shopping mall. A pretty gruesome and scary situation to be in if it was indeed real. But whilst watching it I began to ask myself how much fun would it be to actually be there? Now let us step back and take a look at that for a minute – I have not experienced such an event and have only had such thoughts fuelled by films and games involving zombies. If it was ever to happen then I know I would more than likely crap my pants and the whole affair would not be as much fun as the films and games make it out to be. But we are macho men here and I like to think we could handle such a situation and that hope it would be fun doing so.

I would love to twat golf balls at the slow moving targets or lob plates at look-a-likes identified by a friend in an improvised game whilst awaiting a rescue. Being a keen reader and interested in the human mind I am aware that the appeal of such actions is simple: we would experience less guilt in killing what is not considered a (live) being yet experience am emotion associated with and close to such an action. We are at our very core designed to hunt for food and protect ourselves (and family) by any means necessary. Zombies would allow us to engage in our primal ways without the guilt of harming a live creature or taking a life (as we are told) they are already dead.

If a zombie apocalypse was to ever happen I would put money on many of us (including myself) being totally confused and struggling to face such a fear and remain calm. On paper, on TV and in games – clearing out hordes of the undead seems great fun. But you and I both know that if zombies were banging at your door – it would be brown trousers time. So here is a Sunday Thought:

Imagine there is a zombie apocalypse and you were one of few to survive or be around – where would you want to face the hordes of undead? What weapons would you want to use? Who as a sidekick (fictional or not) would you want with you? And as a little bit of fun – what music would be playing on your iPod? I’m throwing away the rule book for traditional Sunday Thoughts here and I am giving 30 TSA points to the best answer. It can be funny and/or just a kick arse location, weapon set-up and soundtrack. So if you think you would have the balls in such a scary (fictional) scenario, comment answering the four questions above and the best answer is 30 points closer to a purchase from our wonderful store.

Me? Well I’d want to be at an Army base camp in the desert with Jean Claude Van Damme, driving a Hummer with a mounted and listening to AC/DC’s “Back in Black”. But sadly I get no points.

Disclaimer: we do not encourage the killing of any zombies nor wish for a zombie apocalypse as this would likely put an end to online gaming with our lovely PS3’s. My decision on the best answer (comment) is final and the decision will be made at midnight tonight.