Massive Poll Results: Do You Regret Buying Move or Kinect?

Recently we asked you if you were satisfied by the way Sony and Microsoft had supported Move and Kinect and the resounding answer from 54% of voters is ‘No’.

“Yes, I regret buying my PS Move. Luckily I didn’t buy the other analog part thingy, hopefully Sorcery will change this though,” said TSA member Nauraph, echoing the thoughts of many.

Sorcery launches on May 25th and our hands on was generally positive. Dan said title meant it was ‘time to dust off your Move’, and hopefully the release will restore people’s faith in the motion control system a little.

Whilst people aren’t all that happy with the way Sony has handled Move, Kinect fared little better. “I’ve got the two Kinect sports games and Kinect Adventures which are quite fun but are only used when people are round,” said BigBadWolf. “I also had Sonic Free Riders which handled like a cabbage in a tumble dryer. [Kinect] gets dusted more than it gets used, which is a shame.”

However, not everyone felt their motion controllers had let them down. McProley was one of the minority who did not regret buying into motion control. “I’m a sucker for House Of The Dead and other on the rails shooters. Dead Space extraction is awesome too!” he said and I am inclined to agree with him on Dead Space. The problem is that whilst the shooter works well with Move, it’s just a port of a Wii game.

With E3 looming 28% of voters were hoping that Microsft and Sony were going to deliver something more than yet another dancing game or a Wii port.

Whilst Microsoft have been pretty quiet about what they’ve got coming up, Sony have been firing out new game announcements with abandon. Unfortunately, none of the titles they’ve announced so far use Move; Move owners must be hoping they’re holding back a big surprise.


  1. Yeah, i was sucked into the Move hype and believe Sony would really support it despite the way they supported the PS Eye. Stupid me.

    Anyway, stop distracting me, TSA!

    • Same thing here… Only played Heavy Rain. At least I have a motion sensing paper weight…

      • Currently my 2 foot tall Sackboy butler is holding onto it for me.

  2. Thats interesting. I wonder what the result had have been if the Move and Kinect had recieved seperate voting options…

    • seems like that would have made more sense to me.

    • Not much I’d imagine, TSA’s readers are PlayStation-centric & considering the comments Kinect has received on here I’d be surprised if more than a few owned one.

      • ahh but using this extremely scientific technique, if 3 people own it and all 3 regret it the chart would show 100% :-)

      • I’m about to trade my kinect in. It’s just a dust magnet and has been for too long

      • Ye but where will your dust go then! You’ll have dust everywhere!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention but you got my name wrong :( It’s big…bald…wolf not bad lol

    • as most of the gamers play FPS bad sounds much better to them than bald ;) :D

      • yeah but I’m a special kind of wolf. :p

  4. Interesting but not at all surprise, I feel a littl ripped off in all honesty. I sold mine recently, only for the wife to borrow Zumba, so I then had to borrow the Move from my sister again lol

  5. I do like my kinect but I just don’t play many games that use it, I tried on Skyrim and it doesn’t seem to work. Mass Effect was awesome but the only problem is I listen to a lot of podcasts and it picks the sounds from that.

    I got the YooStar and that was really fun but only played it once. And I borrowed UFC trainer off a friend and really liked it apart from a lack of space meaning it sometimes wouldn’t pick up most the movements forcing me to do up to 5 times the amount of work I should have.

  6. I’m surprised the ‘No’ is so low, thought it might have been about 10% more.
    Still glad I didn’t buy either Move or Kinect.

  7. Oddly enough I bought a second Move + Eye at the weekend.

  8. Despite Sorcery being out soon, I’m still waiting for that killer game which can force me to dust off my Move. We still haven’t even got the application that the US has.

    • I can’t even remember what I voted for, either No or E3.

  9. Got them both, I like the Move’s response times and accuracy and it doesn’t lag like the Kinect can do so I prefer the Move but I’m in a minority. The Kinect seems better for party games. The support for Move-centric games is poor. Kinect has much better support from games, just a shame most of them are poor.

  10. For 50 weeks of the year I look at my Kinect and think “what a waste of money” but over Christmas and around my birthday it gets used a lot, particuarly the Kinect Sports series and Adventures :)

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