Motion Controller “Ahead Of Everything”

We’re anticipating big things later tonight from GDC on the PlayStation Motion Controller, presumably backing up everything we’ve heard about the Nunchuck and hopefully confirming a price point and release date. Until then, though, we have SCEA’s Patrick Seybold and his wise words on wand-waving.

The Motion Controller is “a step ahead of anything”, said Seybold speaking to VG247.  “It’s fast, precise and incredibly accurate. Our heritage is great games for all tastes, ages and genres and our motion control product will be executed, marketed and promoted in the same capacity with an aggressive approach.”


EA are the first major studio outside of Sony to show support for the new controller, which we’re still calling Arc, with a press release this evening confirming that Tiger Woods 11 will offer “an authentic interactive swing experience.”  Presumably building on the impact motion control has had on the Wii version.

Whatever happens at GDC with regards to the controller, we’ll let you know.