Arc Is An Amazing Device – High Voltage

We debated over two different headlines for this article. The above, which obviously got the nod, and “Wii’s The Grinder Coming To PS3.” Whether we picked the right one can be disputed at a later time.

FPS The Grinder was previously announced for the Wii, standing out from the crowd with its customisable motion controls. Featuring your typical gamut of monsters ready to be waggled at, the game has now been confirmed as coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in a recent interview with IGN.


Considering The Grinder’s projected release date of Q4 2010, the perceptive guys over at IGN thought to follow up and ask if the game would use the PS3’s Arc (or whatever it’s called this week) motion controller. High Voltage’s CEO Kerry Ganofsky let the cat out of the bag:

“All we can say is we have development kits in-house and it is an amazing device.”

With Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer, adding:

“It works exactly as advertised.”

High Voltage’s previous offerings include The Conduit for the Wii – a rarity in being a third-party produced game for Nintendo’s console that didn’t get lambasted by the critics.

Source: IGN