The Grinder Is Still Alive, Waiting For A Publisher

Though not a commercial success, High Voltage Games’ Conduit was a hit among the Wii’s narrow hardcore audience, and when it was announced that their next project was a Grindhouse-inspired first person shooter, a lot of heads were turned. Despite The Grinder making its rounds at various events and shows last year, with HVG even announcing a top-down PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version, it didn’t appear at GDC 2011.


Level Designer, Eric Stoli, has said The Grinder is in “vertical slice status,” due to the fact that HVG haven’t been approached by a publisher. He also mentioned that the game could be getting some structural tweaks, in favour of more set-pieces and even an RPG element, though we suspect the latter will only be implemented in the PS3/360 downloadable title.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Looks pretty poor – but I do like duel-wielding!

  2. I think it looks alright. Good enough for a publisher anyway and even though it’s another FPS, it looks different enough to stir up a little interest.

  3. watching that video was quite intense, id play that or simmilar for sure.

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