Xbox: Core Gamers Still Our Focus

We have heard many stories in regard to Project Natal recently and now another has appeared, with Xbox Europe Boss Chris Lewis at the forefront.

Speaking to industry site MCV, the Xbox Box has been explaining how he sees Project Natal as a “complement “to the overall experience  and one that the consoles core gamer should not be worried about.

“There is nothing like Project Natal available in entertainment and with us not even halfway through the 360 lifecycle, we’re confident that our 30 million owners will be as excited about this new way to play as we are,”

“2010 is set to be the biggest in Xbox history and a major year for the games industry, where we will witness a fundamentally change in the way we experience and share entertainment with each other.”

Of course there are those of us out there who see Project Natal and Sony’s Motion Controller as just a ploy to get the country off their couch and start being active, perhaps it’s all a big ploy from the Government to save money on the NHS by getting us fit and stop all the gamers from playing extremely bad games such as Gran Theft Auto and Bully, which they would have us believe, make our children into cold bloodied killers.

Who knows, maybe this time next year we will all be playing Wii fit or something similar and actually know what the world looks like behind our curtains, or maybe just maybe we will all continue to sit controller in hand and play Grand Theft Auto while our partners jump along  to their silly mini games in the room next door.