Bayonetta Gets Special Edition, Release Date

Special Editions are only really special if they include night vision goggles and a 1:1 scale replica of an M4 carbine and whilst our Liam’s got a few real rifles under his bed for ’emergencies’ the rest of us look longingly at those with enough cash to spare on these wildly overpriced and massively self indulgent video game fancies.

SEGA’s Bayonetta has finally got a release date: 29th of October, and will retail at 7980 yen (about £50) in yet another special edition box. Bayonetta’s special edition doesn’t include anything you don’t actually want, though, as the art booklet and soundtrack CD actually look pretty good without bumping the price up to re-mortgage levels of daftness.


Update: the booklet and soundtrack is a pre-order bonus, not a special edition.  Apologies for the translation error.

Source: Famitsu