Star Wars: TFU DLC Announcement Leaked?

It looks like LucasArts have had the wind taken out of their sails somewhat as some keen eyed reader over at Kotaku discovered new achievements for the game on Xbox live suggesting additional content for the game.  Five new achievements suggest not only new content but new characters as well taking the achievement count up to 1345.

If you haven’t played the game yet, which I haven’t, apparently the Achievements contain spoilers so I’m going to attempt to type this with my eyes shut.

  • And The Quarterback is Toast – Defeat Boba Fett
  • Skywalker Style – Meet Jabba and defeat his pet using the pit gate
  • No More Lies, Old Man – Defeat Obi-Wan, before and after he becomes more powerful than you can possibly imagine
  • Hot Bot – Use the hot irons three times on the Gonk Power Droid
  • Jawa Juicer – Crush 5 Jawas by using the grinder in the Garbage Processing Room

LucasArts have been kicking rears in the games department recently with a huge number of their old school titles landing on Steam alongside the release of a brand new Monkey Island game for the 360 and PC.  They’ll be making an appearance at the Comic-Con Star Wars Spectacular keynote and it could well be that at least one of their big announcements has been blown.

Unfortunately there’s no word yet on new Trophies  for the PS3 version but we’ll get our best whores on the job.  Trophy whores that is.  You people make me sick.

Tip: Snebjnr