PSP Gets 3D V-Screen

It’s hard to see who Real View Innovations are aiming the V-Screen at. The clip-on plastic screen apparently “enhances the perceived depth of the 2D screen image” creating a pseudo-three dimensional view, and although the technology isn’t limited to the PSP, the company is focused on providing this V-Screen to the personal entertainment and video game accessory market.

“The innovation uses special optical components in unconventional ways,” states Eamonn Ansbro, Optical Engineer and co-Executive Director of RVI. “No software, electronics or headgear is required. Nonetheless, the optical results are astonishing.” Continued Ansbro: “The video game industry is a perfect fit for our technology. The V-Screen offers consumers a tremendous leap forward in optical enhancement.”


The V-Screen is meant to launch before Christmas this year.

Thanks, colmshan1990, via Press Release.