Dead Space Sequels and Spin Offs

Regular readers will already know that we loved Dead Space. It was the most convincing survival horror game I’ve ever played and it just seemed to effortlessly achieve the sort of immersion that most games seem to struggle for. So the shards of dimembered news around the internet this morning make us happy.

There are rumours, not only of Dead Space 2 in development but also Dead Space 3 (or possibly just a true sequel and a misunderstanding of the upcoming Wii game). This speaks of the faith that EA have in the Dead Space universe. To be putting their energies into the emerging franchise to the tune of two sequels as well as the comics and animated movie, is encouraging. Further to that, there are also rumours of a Dead Space movie in the pipeline. Not another animated affair (although we’d love one) but a live-action movie, apparently with DJ Caruso signed up to direct.

Udate: Drilling down through the story sources we found this from Variety which also has news of other games (like Mass Effect, The Sims and Defender!) making the jump to celluloid.

Source: Kotaku and Kotaku again.