Marvel Superhero Costumes For LBP

Is your sackboy short of things to wear?  Did the game not include enough outfits for him?  Have none of the dozens of paid for or free costumes on the PSN Store appealed?  Is dressing him in something that has been available for more than two weeks to be frowned upon?

If so then Marvel and Media Molecule are soon to be coming to your rescue.  Over at Comic Con at a panel titled “The Next Generation of Marvel Video Games”, attended by Kotaku, Marvel showed concept renders of three Marvel superhero costumes for sackboy; Wolverine, Iron Man and Captain America.  No release date was mentioned or whether these would be the only three of Marvel’s costumed heroes to get the sackboy treatment.


We can hardly contain our generate any excitement at finding out about yet another set of LBP costumes but let me know in the comments which superhero costume you would like to see sackboy wearing and why and my favourites from your suggestions will pick up a few TSA points.

Source: Kotaku