More FW 2.80 Details

This has been one of the strangest and mysterious firmware updates yet. Whilst several things have been discovered/speculated/stated including; its use for Vidzone, its hidden cinematic feature and its developer only uses, it seems though that the update is actually very important for developers by allowing more RAM memory to be made available. The information was provided by Sam Thompson, the producer of the highly anticipated Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

During an interview at this year’s Comic-Con Thompson said, “Naughty Dog is constantly working to improve every aspect of the gameplay; be it animation, lighting, sound, texture fidelity. You know if you look at the game itself with the 2.80 engine update, you know we’re adding more memory, so we get a lot more utilisation of the SPUs so we increase our optimisation of the Cell processor as well.”


It is safe to assume that the 2.80 engine update is the improved engine when using the 2.80 firmware update. Having less RAM used by the PS3’s OS thus allowing freed up memory for other uses is a pretty big deal and could quite easily be paving the way for additional features in updates to come – like 3.0 perhaps?

Source: tqcast, Tip: colmshan1990