Star Wars: TFU New DLC

Remember those leaked Achievements we mentioned earlier this month?  Well it looks like the cat that escaped the bag is now parading itself about for all to see. The Force Unleashed is looking to get a brand new DLC pack also followed by an updated version of the shiny disk including another new level.

The new DLC, due to arrive this Autumn, takes the original story branch in an alternate-universe-style direction and asks the question, what if the apprentice had killed ol’ Darth face wheezy and replaced him as the emperor’s understudy. Picking up where we left off, the brand new level, set on Tatooine, sends you off hunting for bitter old man Obi-Wan where you’ll meet several characters from the future episodes (episodes IV to VI) including Boba Fett and Jabba


The new retail version subtitled Ultimate Sith Edition is due out in the holidays. The disk will include all the previously released DLC and another new level finishing off the ‘infinities’ storyline that starts in the afore mentioned DLC.  This level takes the Apprentice to Coruscant, whilst trying to avoid any French Patisserie jokes, sending you and your uber-juiced-up Sith powers after whiny Luke Skywalker.

No doubt Luke’ll moan and give you enough annoying back chat that you’ll feel glad to shut his yappy trap up with a few swift strokes of your Laser Sword (TM) knowing that the Star Wars Universe just ripped itself a new space time continuum and the future is your oyster.

This seems to offer people a decent incentive to pick up the game if they missed it the first time. Which was apparently quite a few but it’s unclear as to when, or even if, the new level will come out as DLC for those that have a copy already lying on their shelf. Unfortunately there’s still no word on trophies for the PS3 version but who knows where Sony’s mandatory implementation fits in with re-releases.

For those of us out there wishing for Trophy implementation, you now have ‘a new hope.’

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