XBL Golf Coming?

Four user videos on GameTrailers seem to indicate that there might be a golf game coming to Xbox Live which will allow us all to use our Xbox Avatars.

The immediate question it raised for me was simply: why? I know that the Xbox doesn’t have the awesome Everybody’s (HotShots) Golf but the leaked videos also don’t seem to have the depth of that title. They look more reminiscent of Wii Sports golf but with the Xbox currently devoid of any motion-sensing controller wouldn’t that be almost pointless?

There is, of course, a chance that this might be a candidate for the Natal control system when it launches. Perhaps it could even be a bundled game with the camer-centric control system. Only time will tell I suppose. In the meantime, you can see what I’m talking about below and click through to watch the other three (very similar) videos.