Modern Warfare Hacked, Cheaters Abound

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has apparently been hacked to an inch of its life. An inch. If you’re the kind who dedicates every waking hour of their gaming self to Infinity Ward’s CoD 4 then you’ll no doubt already be aware of the kind of issues plaguing the online game just now: soldiers floating; enemies brandishing god-mode; unlimited ammo, that kind of dastardly, cad-like thing.

Although I’ve not seen this in action personally, I’ve been told that by deleting the current patch from your PS3’s hard disk and then via a combination of hacked save game files and a lack of moral fibre, you can wreak havoc on the battlefield without the game’s servers even batting an eyelid.  Naturally, the hardcore CoD crowd aren’t happy and at the time of writing there’s no official word from Activision or Infinity Ward, although moderators on the official forums have drafted an email to the developers.

Here’s hoping there’s a patch soon to stop this kind of behaviour, ironically actions that probably wouldn’t have been possible had Infinity Ward locked down saved game files with a Trophy update…


In a tweet (as is usual these days) Infinity Ward have said Thanks for all the feedback from our COD4 PS3 users. We hear you loud and clear and are investigating the glitchers.” Hopefully this investigation will be swiftly followed by a patch.