GW: Rental Lists

In the days before we launched our Rental Reviews feature I got a guest writer submission which basically pre-empted what we were about to do. TSA member ColinBarr66 has proven that great minds think alike and written a kind of series of “mini-reviews” or reasons why he thinks you should rent certain games. These are cash-strapped times so renting is a way to experience more games and a chance to “try before you buy”.


Due to the tough economic times caused by…well I’m not sure why really, is it really Gordon Brown’s fault? Oh, it is, right ok then, back to the article… Due to the tough economic times that are affecting our wages, savings and pocket money the most financially viable way to play new games seems to be renting. I have decided to rent games first instead of blowing £40 on a new one and finding that I don’t like it. So, whether you are using Blockbuster, LoveFilm or wherever, these are the games you should definitely try to experience.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood: The single player is alright but the online mode is very good, assuming you aren’t chucked out of dodgy servers mid-game. Once you get into it, CoJ is a very good online shooter with varied game modes, nice class system and it doesn’t have C4! Well worth a rental but might need to drop in price a bit before it’s worth buying as there is no longevity to the single player mode.

EA Sports Fight Night Round 4: Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson. The only reason you need to play this game. Playing that fight is what I’ve wanted to do for years and finally doing it feels unbelievable. Without a doubt this is one of the best looking games on PS3 and in full HD it is astonishing to see the way the boxer’s muscles, face and gloves react to every punch. Although the analogue controls aren’t the greatest, you soon grow to them and really enjoy this game. Top game and I am glad I bought it, a very good game worth renting for anyone, Fight Night fan or not.

Infamous: Whilst Prototype is more fun, InFamous encourages you to play through the story and side missions by offering you the chance to explore more areas and also gives you the option of how to play. Whilst you start with relatively few powers, the more you unlock the more fun this game becomes. It’s worth renting InFamous and Prototype before you buy to see which one you’d prefer to buy.

Killzone 2: Graphically this is awesome, one of the best on PlayStation. The single player is decent enough and has its good and bad moments (electrified spiders *shudder*) but it’s the online mode that is really impressive. It takes a few hours practice but when you are as amazing as me you’ll love it, plus you can join in the TSA Boot Camps and be mauled by Matty’s C4, pwned by pOOp’s pistol and blown to tiny pieces the hoover could pick up by TDA’s rockets. Not to everyone’s taste so this is a definite try before you buy. I’ve always wanted to say that.

Prototype: Think of InFamous, then think what it would be like if InFamous was twice as fun. That’s Prototype. Basically you wreak havoc through NYC by using your insane powers (the hilarious Stretch Armstrong arms are the only one you will ever use though) and by destroying military bases and mutant hives. If the story gets a bit boring you can always take some time to mess around NYC, sprinting up buildings (Don’t try this at home!) and absorbing civilians never gets old. Good game for a quick blast, rent this and InFamous to see which one you prefer.

UFC 2009: Undisputed: If, after a hard day’s work you feel like punching someone in the face. Rent UFC, it’ll save you the 18 months in prison. UFC is an excellent, fighting game but it might be a little too involved for some. Single player keeps you going for hours on end, finding new ways to knock both your opponent’s eyeballs over to one side. Online is ruined by unbearable lag so you should definitely rent this before purchase. This is a very good game but it feels like so much more could have been done to it. Rent this for a taster and wait for next years instalment for a fuller package. In the meantime check out Fight Night Round 4 for a more complete experience

Wanted: Weapons of Fate: By no means is this the best shooter on PS3 but it does provide excitement and a large number of “DID YOU SEE THAT?” moments. Curving bullets never gets old and the covering system is excellent. One criticism is the easy boss levels and repetitive missions but it is still well worth a rental if you are looking for a bit of fun and/or a platinum trophy for your collection. It possibly doesn’t have the replay value to justify a purchase.

X-men Origins: Wolverine: This game is a brilliant laugh. In what other game can you jump onto a truck, grab a guy and rip him in two? (Tell me if there is one because I would love to see it). Arguably it does get repetitive but switching between past and present adds variety by providing you with bigger, stronger enemies to maul and different locations to manoeuvre your way through. Very addictive but should be rented, because like Wanted, it doesn’t have the replay value for a purchase repetitive and could be too gruesome for some people’s tastes.

So there you go, I think from that list I’ve probably just saved you about £250 and hopefully pointed you in the direction of something to pass your weekend with in these cash-strapped times. Wanna know where you can send the cheque?