PlayStation Says “Thanks”

TSA Points are pretty cool, and whilst at the moment we’re just offering PSN games for download in the near future we’re hoping to get music, wallpapers and themes up there, plus a couple of other rather more secret things.  And speaking of secrets and rewards, it seems Sony have had the same sort of idea, trademarking “PS Thanks” recently, which we presume is some kind of incentive rewards program.

Nintendo have been doing this for ages, mind, with their Club Nintendo program – buy games, scratch off the wee foil thing and key in your code to earn points redeemable against all kinds of things, but this is the first time (that we’re aware of) that the PlayStation brand has attempted anything like this.  As for what these rewards will be, well, that’s anyone’s guess but PSN credit wouldn’t be out of the question.


Thanks, colmshan1990, via SiliconEra.