Capcom Triple Pack

Capcom are to issue three of their “modern classics” in one budget pack for the Xbox 360. The titles in question are Dead Rising (which I thought was awful), Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (which got mediocre reviews) and Devil May Cry 4 (which was generally well recieved). The pack will retail at $40, is scheduled for release on September 8th and there is no word of an EU release but it will presumably make its way over to this side of the Atlantic soon.

No matter what your opinions on the three titles invovled this is surely a good thing. Three games that sold well but have stopped selling now get a burst of new sales by making them affordable for the “mildly interested” crowd. I probably won’t buy it but I do like the precedent it sets and with MCV predicting a UK price of £30 it seems like three classics for the price of one new game. Which is a bargain.

Source: MCVUK