Home gets Batcave

Some clever chaps on the Official EU PlayStation Forum noticed a short addition in a post elsewhere on the internet. That post originates from Eidos’ official forum, titled ‘The Official Batman: Arkham Asylum FAQ’. The stickied post contains amalgamated information from loads of sources to define as much about the upcoming game as possible, ranging from the pre-order details to the different exclusives for each platform.

Under the PlayStation 3 exclusives, there’s a few points that we already know, including the Joker DLC. Under this, however, we learn that the ‘Batcave Outpost’ will be coming as an apartment for PlayStation Home for free. We’ve seen free costumes and other items given away for free before in Home as promotional stunts for released movies such as Star Trek and Transformers 2. It’s very likely that the same is now being done for the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Whether or not this content will remain available for a limited time or not is still up for debate.


There’s more, however. Along with the free Batman apartment, free items will be released to decorate it with. The Batmobile and Batwing are two mentioned, along with other bat gadgets. We’ll also see even more avatars running around in black capes with the release of the Bat costume in the Shopping Centre.

It’s a little unclear which piece of information came from what source however. Nevertheless, with the word ‘official’ in the title, and Eidos having stickied it to the top of the board, we can be pretty safe that this information is true. We’ll keep an eye out, and let you know if anything changes. There’s no word on which territory this will be released for, so it’s just hope that we’ll see the apartment over here in the EU. If the previous movie promos are anything to go by, we’ll definitely be seeing this in the EU Home soon.

Source: Official Eidos Forum via Official EU PlayStation Forum