Sony Offer £10,000 For Innovative PSN Game Ideas

Sony is offering small companies developing games £10,000 towards their next project. It is part of Sony’s yearly Get In The Game initiative (see the website here), which will be running from October 14th until the 16th. Entrants will have to pitch their ideas for a PlayStation Store download title to Northwest Vision and Media, who are in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Pixel-Lab.

The project is open for entry for companies based in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Humberside regions of England. If successful, 5 applicants will be granted £10,000 and 3 months to try and make a basic, playable, version of their title. This will then be pitched to SCEE in March 2010 and hopefully will then be fully developed by Sony and released on the PSN. This time next year we might see 5 brilliantly original PSN titles and it’s great to see Sony supporting smaller developers at grass-roots level. Don’t forget to check TSA in 2010 to see if their efforts are rewarded.


Via Joystiq