New Uncharted 2 Footage

Easy like Sunday mornings… well easy like Sunday afternoons in this case, because it’s possible for readers to send in news tips, nuggets of gaming goodness quite often literally lands in our laps.

The latest nugget of gaming goodness is more footage from Uncharted 2, with all the news and information more recently being about Uncharted 2’s multiplayer and co-op modes I’d almost forgotten just what a stellar single player experience Uncharted offers. In fact I was secretly worried that the developers were spending all their time on the various multiplayer modes at the expense of the solo campaign. Well, with this latest footage I’m no longer worried as it shows the single player campaign is well and truly here.


Before you take a ganders at the footage be warned it does contain a spoiler right near the end, but it is safe to gawk at the gorgeousness up until 03:45.

Thanks: mads2194.