PS3’s & PSPgo’s Going Cheap

When is a much called for price reduction not enough? When it could be followed by some competitive and heavy retailer discounting, that’s when.

We’re a price sensitive bunch here at TSA, whether it comes from some of us being slightly older gamers, or the others being barely out of Pampers I don’t know, but we do have a good eye for a bargain. are generally amongst the cheapest prices you can find online for all your entertainment needs, in our experience they are also pretty sharp with delivery as well not least because they have a ‘release day or compensate’ guarantee where’ they’ll credit your account with £3 if they fail to deliver your pre-order in time for release day.


This time they’ve outdone themselves though, as they are selling the new slimmer 120gig PS3 for only, and I do mean only £229.99 Wow! and I thought the SRP of £249.99 was pretty good.

Everybody’s favourite supermarket of dubious business practice’s Tesco is not to be outdone though as they are selling the new PSPgo for £199.99 As far as we know both these prices are the cheapest in the UK.

If you already own a PS3 and you’re thinking of trading her in for the new slimmer model then selling your existing machine on eBay for around £180-£200 and then using the money to pre-order from is a far better deal than GAME’s trade-in deal we told you about earlier.


Not only do appear to have the UK cheapest PS3’s but they have confirmed they will be shipping the pre-orders as early as mid-week next week.

Thanks: Cadabena & RocketSOL.