NES Classic Game Coming To PS3

A new listing on the ESRB website points to a yet another retro franchise getting the next-gen revamp treatment, this time it’s the turn of Thexder, a cool NES-era title that appears to be retitled Thexder NEO with Square Enix as the publishers and the PS3 and PSP as the target platform.  There’s little on the site apart from the classification (“Everyone”), the content (“Fantasy Violence”) and a brief description, thus: “This is a side-scrolling action game in which players control a transforming robot through a series of maze-like levels. Players must destroy enemy robots along the way by shooting them with laser beams. Most enemies react to damage by disappearing in a colorful burst; boss battles depict more protracted combat with louder and more realistic explosions.”

If there’s something that 8-bit gaming taught us, it’s that boss battles should always have louder and more realistic explosions.  Hopes are high.


Via GamingUnion, with thanks to radiobridge.