Sunday Thoughts: 23/08/09

So I’m testing the water with a new method of Sunday Thoughts, that is to just go with a brainstorm I have been contributing to all week and see if I can tie it all together.

First on the list is me not having a PS3 for over two weeks and the big question: how did I cope? Well the short answer is: not very well. Sure I have been slaughtering locust in Gears of War and playing it online with fellow staff. I have been in the boots of Masterchief capping covenant scum with some of the most fun weapons any game has to offer. I have also sampled and completed Trials HD from the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade and given it a review for the site. Whilst this was great fun and distracted me from the PS3 side of things, I really did miss Killzone 2 and I was itching to complete Infamous. Sony may have wanted to me to drop one hundred and fifty notes on a repair or refurbished console but better services elsewhere were happy to do a straight exchange. Not only a replacement now but also letting allowing me to do a straight swap, with my new eighty gigabyte PS3 for the PS3 Slim when it arrives at the store.

Next on in my brain storm is the new Tarantino film “Inglorious Basterds”. In my opinion this is one of his best films yet and I really love his style. I enjoyed “Death proof” when others really disliked it. I can understand why people would dislike it as it is full of dialogue with very little action. But it is the style of Tarantino and his (what I like to call) dialogue set pieces that are really interesting. Inglorious Basterds is full of these long winded conversations but the acting is top notch and really enjoyable to watch. I never really studied history (well a bit of Eastern history) as thus will now always think the “Basterds” won the war for us. Next time I am playing Halo 3 online and an American is trying to convince me that America (on their own) won the war – I shall agree and thank them for sending Brad Pitt.

Again, I never really studied history as I found geography much more useful for daily life. But I will say that the Nazi uniform was one of the best looking uniforms in any military. It was clean and sharp with that red arm band just a great finishing touch. I also love the German language and how energetic and aggressive it is on the ear, if Mrs Fruit could speak German I would never forget to put the washing out that’s for sure. But I recommend you watch Inglorious Basterds on the big screen whilst you can, especially if you are a fan of Quentin Taratino’s work.

On the subject of big screens now and my cousin (TSA ID: O_Fark) has just bought a forty inch Sony Bravia with the 200hz motion plus engine. I have to say it is the best image on any screen I have ever seen, just simply stunning. Recent reports that Sony is at a financial loss with their Bravia TVs third place in the market make no sense to me, as this screen is just leaps and bounds above the rest. What do two gamers do when sat in front of such a beautiful screen and technical accomplishment? We hook up both a PS3 and a 360 for 1080p comparisons of course!

First we compared the NXE and the XMB on this beast of a screen. The NXE looks shocking! The text is blocky and the images have major “jaggies”, I was half expecting Mario to jump up and hit one of the letters in the text and retrieve a mushroom. The XMB (PS3) on the other hand looked stunning with the (what ever the hell wave thingy it is) in the background flowing across and our jaws dropped. So we put Halo 3 in the tray and see if the (in game) footage is any better than the 360’s user interface on the home screen. Nope. It had more “jaggies” then an Oxford based Jaguar dealership and the Bravia really did show all of the games flaws (graphically). Where as in the PS3 corner we had Wipeout HD and Killzone 2 playing to see if the Bravia picked out any flaws in either. Both looked simply amazing and the PS3 in true 1080p is (we conclude) unbeaten for image quality. Is it that the PS3 supports HDMI 1.3 where as the 360 only supports HDMI 1.2? The PS3 was built with 1080p in mind but the 360 started with its sights trained at just 720p. Bottom line is that the PS3 simply looks better on one of today’s best HDTV’s.

Well I have babbled on a bit haven’t I? Please note there are no refunds for the time you have lost reading this. However and as per usual – I shall round it all off with a thought or two relevant to the three paragraphs of random subjects I have written. Will you be swapping your PS3 for a PS3 Slim? What is your favourite Taratino film? As Germany invaded other countries in the past the Xbox has invaded (bringing with it a few nasty fan boys) console gaming, where do you think we would be if the Xbox never attempted the invasion?

Me? Well yes I will be exchanging my PS3 for a Slim. My favourite Tarantino film is Kill Bill. As with the German invasions – whilst the past events lead to much hatred and discrimination, people eventually grew up to realise that we are now much closer and we have much to learn from each other. When you realise the many should not be judged by the few, everyone can progress in much better ways of life. Without an Xbox (invasion) I think gaming would be much more expensive and games in general of less quality then we see today. Every war, be it territorial or commercial, serves to strengthen relationships and teach all involved parties valuable lessons of which can only benefit future generations to come. I am glad the Xbox entered the market.