Dragon Age: Origins Could Be Boosted By Mods

Speaking to journalists last month, Bioware’s Greg Zeschuk let slip that the team isn’t averse to allowing user-created content, typically called ‘mods’, on the console versions of Dragon Age: Origins.  “That’s what we’re exploring right now,” he said. “There’s certainly no automated thing where you drop it in the subdirectory and – boom – it’s in the console version. But we could maybe take the creme de la creme – like bring over a couple of great modules every month or two.”

This would mean that, like Unreal Tournament III, the content would need to be created on the PC first and would be less open that Unreal’s mod browser, but Bioware are planning to allow console users to browse user created stuff.  “Another thing is the ability to browse content without quitting to a browser or anything like that.  So we should be able to create a situation where we take the best to console…  There’s no real giant technical hurdle to that, it’s just figuring out the process.”


We presume he’s referring to the PS3 version exclusively above, Microsoft are notably more restrictive when it comes to things like this.

Source: Edge 205.